We provide peace of mind to promptly and predictably remove damaged teeth and resolve pain.

Crowns Now Family Dentistry has invested in the technologies and training to offer all the services you’ll need for a lifetime of good oral health at our Greenville, Greer, Irmo, and Woodruff, South Carolina offices.

Our experienced doctors focus on preventative dentistry. We help patients of all ages avoid tooth loss and the need for extractions. Sometimes, however, extraction or removal of a tooth just makes sense.

Extractions may be necessary to prevent complications from infected teeth. While root canal therapy has a high success rate in preserving severely decayed teeth, it cannot save every tooth. Sometimes, the infection persists. To prevent its further spread, tooth removal is generally recommended (followed by prompt replacement with a bridge or dental implant). We are a leader in restorative crowns and complete implant services. So, you have peace of mind that your new or rebuilt tooth will be designed to look, feel, function, and last like healthy natural teeth.

Complete extraction care

Foundational to preventive dentistry are routine dental check-ups at least once every six months. During these exams, we evaluate how wisdom teeth develop. If these third molars are growing in at an angle or not erupting through gum tissue as they should, we will intervene before they cause painful symptoms and destructive (as well as costly) complications. We also take the same proactive approach to identifying problems with other teeth. The sooner we intervene in the disease process, the greater the likelihood we can avoid irreversible damage and the need for extensive dental work.

Several techniques may be applied to remove those teeth that cannot (or should not) be preserved. They include:

  • “Simple” extraction – Appropriate for teeth that are mostly or entirely visible and intact above the gum line, this approach involves gently and precisely loosening and lifting the tooth from its socket using special dental instruments.
  • “Surgical” extraction – Appropriate for teeth that are broken and otherwise mostly or entirely impacted or trapped underneath tissues, this approach involves accessing the trouble tooth through small and well-placed incisions. The tooth is then loosened for ease of removal.

Every situation is different. Some patients never develop a single wisdom tooth! Or these back molars may develop just fine – with no problems. But should these teeth become trapped in the jaw, they may push up on the gums and cause significant pain, as well as potential damage to neighboring teeth. Extractions may be the only way to restore your health and quality of life. Call (855) 927-6967 with questions or to schedule your check-up at Crowns Now Family Dentistry in Greenville, Greer, Irmo, or Woodruff, SC, today.