Smile for life with proactive, professional dentistry services and guidance.

At Crowns Now Family Dentistry, we say, “Give us a day, and you’ll smile for life!” While we are leaders in dental restorations and same-day restorative dentistry services, we also emphasize the value and importance of preventative dental care. After all, protecting the teeth, gums, and mouth is generally more affordable and less traumatic than treating conditions like dental decay and gum disease after damage has already occurred. 

We can keep your mouth healthy and happy with standard, consistent, bi-annual visits to one of our five offices in Upstate and Midlands, South Carolina – Greenville, Greer, Irmo, and Woodruff. When oral health is maintained, the health of the “rest of you” generally follows. After all, the teeth and gums support many essential functions. They can help or harm nutrition, digestion, speech, mental health, sleep quality, and breathing, among other areas of your life. Plus, inflammation and bacteria linked to advanced gum disease have been implicated in developing cardiovascular disease, respiratory dysfunction, and other systemic conditions. 

Dental check-ups: A foundation for a healthy mouth and life

It’s generally recommended that patients from school-aged children to seniors have check-ups and professional cleanings at one of our offices every six months. These regularly scheduled appointments are the basis of preventive care — the best type of “medicine”! 

During these visits, our doctors examine your teeth, gums, and other oral and facial tissues to catch early-stage symptoms of problems like gum disease, tooth decay, and oral pre-cancers or cancerous lesions. Often, these progressive conditions are silent or asymptomatic in their earliest stages. Likewise, symptoms may be so subtle that they are easy to ignore. 

Remember: Just because you don’t have bleeding when you brush or floss or aren’t experiencing a toothache doesn’t mean your mouth is healthy! Only a dental professional is equipped with expert evaluation, screening, and advanced imaging technologies to detect the earliest signs that can progress to big problems like tooth loss.

Our qualified hygienists are also well-equipped to remove substances that can’t be removed with even the best home care. Specialized dental instruments and training allow for the effective, safe, and gentle removal of hardened bacterial plaque or tartar. When plaque is no longer present, it can’t irritate or inflame the gums that “anchor” your teeth. You avoid progressive gum disease, the No. 1 cause of tooth loss. 

As a nice “side effect,” you may be surprised by how much whiter your teeth look after a routine cleaning that eliminates all those unsightly yellow or brown mineral deposits.

Partners in Health 

These regular visits are also opportunities to advise on good techniques and products to help with brushing, flossing, and otherwise caring for your teeth and dental work. Our dentists also check the condition of dental restorations and appliances and can repair or replace them as needed. 

An array of professional and medical-grade preventative services and products are also available at Crowns Now Family Dentistry. These offerings span dental sealants to protect decay-prone back teeth and powerful antibacterial rinses to minimize the risk factors for destructive conditions like decay and periodontal disease. 

If you are due for a check-up, schedule an appointment today. Call our Greenville, Greer, Irmo, or Woodruff, SC office at (864) 655-7788 before trouble signs like bleeding, tenderness, and sensitivity rear their ugly head.