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Excessive or uneven gums:

A beautiful smile can only be created when the lips, teeth, and gums are healthy, proportional, and in harmony. Excessive or uneven gums can mask otherwise beautiful teeth by making them look small or unsymmetrical. In extreme cases the malformed  gums can be the dominant eye catcher. Many people overlook this facet of their smile when whitening or placing Veneers and end up disappointed with their smile.  At Crowns Now all of our 9 dentist are trained In esthetic dentistry and smile makeovers. The procedure to correct mild to moderate cases is simple trimming or contouring of the gums with our laser technology. In more severe cases Crowns Now has a board certified periodontist (Gum specialist) to help you with your needs.

Thinning or receding gums:  

This condition is often brought in by improper brushing methods ,or mal alignment of the teeth or bite. Most often it is seen in adults, but can occur in children and teens. Difficult orthodontics ( braces) where teeth have to be moved a long way can sometimes cause this condition. Not all receding gums need to be treated, our experts will be happy to advise you. In most cases your own gum tissue can be moved from one area of your mouth to the problem area,avoiding the use of artificial grafts.

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